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Brown's Performance Jdm Sohc EJ20/EJ251 Reseal Kit

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For the D.I.Y. Subaru enthusiast, Brown's Performance now offers engine reseal kits for your Jdm EJ20/EJ251. This gasket set includes everything you need to be sure that your Jdm EJ20/EJ251 SOHC engine will be leak-free after installation. 

This kit includes: 

1 Oil Pump Seal

2 Front Camshaft Seals 

2 Valve Cover Gaskets

10 Valve Cover Bolt Seals

4 Spark Plug Tube Seals

4 Cylinder Head Oil Galley Bolt Seals

2 Rear Camshaft Plugs 

2 Coolant Crossover Pipe O rings

2 Intake Manifold Gaskets 

2 Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

1 Rear Crankshaft seal