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 After years of working with Killer B Motorsport, we are excited to announce the release of the Brown’s Performance edition Air Oil Separator. Killer B has performed almost two decades of research into the development of this product. It’s now considered a ground breaking, well proven part that improves the over all performance of many Subaru build types. Brown's Performance has been installing the Killer B Motorsport AOS systems for years. We use them on everything from customer cars to our shop builds with up to 1000 wheel horsepower.

Killer B Performance designed this AOS to remove oil from the air intake system of the engine. What exactly does it do? When oil makes it to the intake system it will lower the octane of the fuel, which increases the possibility of developing the dreaded engine knock. 

Our Air/Oil Separator removes oil from the vented crankcase gasses. These gasses contain varying sizes of oil droplets which can become vaporized in the differing pressure and velocity conditions present in the crankcase. Under positive boost conditions, it will produce a vacuum in the crankcase, providing many benefits including improved ring seal, reduced oil consumption, and improved power potential.

The Air Oil Separator is an investment in your engine’s health that will be compatible with any build Subaru you have planned.

Compatible with any Subaru EJ series engine.