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Long Block Installation Kit

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The Brown's Performance Long Block Kit provides all the necessary components to install your long block. Full timing belt kit, break-in oil, coolant, gaskets & seals, along with new OEM oil pan and spark plugs. 

  • 2 gallons of Pre-Mixed Coolant
  • 6 quarts of Motul Break-In Oil
  • 4 Oil Filters with 4 crush Rings
  • Subaru Gasket Seal Kit Specific to Configuration
  • Timing Belt: Idlers, Water Pump, Timing Belt, Thermostat and Gaskets
  • Brown's Performance Timing Belt Guide
  • OEM Oil Pan
  • Threebond Gasket Maker for Oil Pan
  • Killer B Baffle Plate & Pickup
  • 2 Filtered Banjo Bolts
  • Turbocharger Gaskets
  • NGK "One Step Colder" Spark Plugs
  • 4 Cam Gear Sprocket Bolts

 If you purchase the 08-21 STI or the 08-14 WRX|09-13 FXT kit the AVCS gaskets will also be included.

These typically ship within two to three days.